MorpH20 Water Management provides actionable information for effective irrigation scheduling. Water is a precious resource. Optimal irrigation scheduling leads to efficient use of water and other inputs. Over watering can result in the leaching fertilizer and chemicals. Under watering effects product quality and yield. Remote field data is collected and sent to the Cloud via cell modem and is viewable in real time with our AguaMiser View, Web application.


AguaMiser View is a visual interface with customizable charts that can quickly relay information needed for effective irrigation management. Utilizing the Internet of Things, field data is collected remotely with soil moisture and temperature sensors and sent to our Web application (AquaMiser View) via cell towers and the Internet. Soil moisture sensors can be installed at multiple depths or spread throughout the area of interest. This allows the irrigator to observe water content and water movement through the soil profile, in order to insure adequate moisture at the critical root zone.