The AguaMiser system consisting of an M-MZ Monitor with up to 64 T-MZ Transmitters and up to four (4) S-SM Sensors with each transmitter.  The M-MZ monitor manages the AguaMiser system and relays the data received from the transmitters to the cloud. Each transmitter sends data from up to four soil moisture or temperature sensors.s


AguaMiser Monitor with Sensor & Transmitter

*Cost Effective
*Easy to Install
*Real-time Monitoring
*Easy to User but Flexible Visual Data Interface
*Customizable Graphs
* Sensors at Multiple Depths in Profile
*Easy How-to Documentation,  Quick Start Guide, Installation Guide

*Efficient Water Usage
*Increased Quality and Yield
*Irrigation Verification
*Stop Fertilizer and Other Chemical Leaching
*Actionable Data Access any time, anywhere

Package includes:
*Transmitter (Can handle up to four sensors)
*Soil Moisture Sensors
*Plug and Play Connectors

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