Phil Berger, Co Founder

My name is Phil Berger. I helped found MorpH2O Water Management for the purpose of assisting farmers use soil moisture monitoring technology to help with irrigation scheduling.  Applying the right amount of water at the right time improves product quality, increases yield, and optimizes the use of fertilizer and other inputs. Our products provide information via the Web for tracking moisture levels and soil temperature.  Field data is sent through cell towers to the Internet where our Web application lives. Access to data is available on PCs, smart phones and Internet connected electronic tablets.

In addition to monitoring soil moisture, we are developing control capability for automated irrigation in agricultural as well as turf and landscape applications.  Water is a precious resource. As the demand for water increases due to urban population growth, the true cost of water will become evident. We can conserve this precious resource with careful management.  We can only management effectively if we measure accurately. MorpH2O Water Management is committed to provide accurate and accessible measurement tools with associated control devices